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Food and Other Drugs

Food and other drugs is a group targeting the comorbidity of eating disorders. Individuals struggling with eating may also find themselves dependent on alcohol or other drugs. This complicates one's relationship with food, and fragments one's sense of self. Food and other Drugs group helps untangle dependencies to cultivate hope, help, and healing with Dr. Burwell Speaks, LLC in Atlanta GA.

According to National Institutes of Health "Up to 50% of individuals with eating disorders use alcohol or illicit drugs, a rate five times higher than the general population. Up to 35% of individuals who were dependent on alcohol or other drugs have also had eating disorders, a rate 11 times greater than the general population."

Dr. Burwell has developed a group to allow individuals who may find themselves leaning into the comorbidity of eating disorders to share their experiences and

learn from others. Being able to cultivate healthy relationships and understand what that may look like in your healing journey is sign of hope this group may provide.

Be sure to check out Foods and Other Drugs today!

Dr. Burwell Speaks, LLC

404.490.0369 4840 Roswell Road, NE Suite D200 Atlanta, GA 30342

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