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Need, documentation for an emotional support animal? 

According to Counseling Today, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recognizes the benefits of emotional support animals and provides regulations allowing them to live with an owner in designated nonpet housing (with a few exceptions) without requiring a pet deposit fee.  In 2008, HUD stipulated that “persons who are seeking a reasonable accommodation for an emotional support animal may be required to provide documentation from a physician, psychiatrist, social worker or other mental health professional that the animal provides support that alleviates at least one of the identified symptoms or effects of the existing disability.”


Dr. Burwell works with patients to provide documentation when necessary for emotional support animals.  Pictured above is her own dog so Dr. Burwell knows first-hand how much a animal can help with emotional well being. 

She will work with you to determine if you can care for  a support animal and identify how a support animal may be of help to your mental health.  Contact Dr. Burwell today to learn more! 

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