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Crystalizing Care

Crystalizing Care is an aftercare process group designed for client's in the maintenance stage of therapy treatment with Dr. Burwell Speaks, LLC in Atlanta GA. This is an open group used to process a variety of stressors in a safe environment with others who have been in treatment or as supplemental support for those currently in treatment.

The process and healing is not a one time and done type of thing. There are several stressors individuals can experience in life.

Examples of various factors include environmental stressors (e.g. noise, pollution), physical stressors (e.g. injury, illness), social stressors (e.g. conflicts with others), work-related stressors (e.g. high workload, job insecurity), and psychological stressors (e.g. anxiety, depression).

Seeking help is a sign of strength to foster to positive skills one may have already

developed through treatment, or maybe you're still learning how that looks in your life exactly. Dr. Burwell's group design encourages ongoing support and growth for individuals on their journey.

Dr. Burwell Speaks, LLC

404.490.0369 Atlanta, GA 30342

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