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Individual Psychotherapy
In Person or Virtual

Dr. Burwell offers individual psychotherapy so that you can get one-on-one support.  She helps people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders, post tramatic stress and many other mental wellness conditions.  Her clinical specialty is in treating eating disorders.

Sessions with Dr. Burwell are typically held and are 60 minutes. With individual psychotherapy, both the patient and Dr. Burwell are actively involved in building trust and she creates a safe environment to allow the patient to share personal feelings, and thoughts.  Psychotherapy can be short-term with just a few sessions focusing on immediate issues, or it can be long-term where Dr. Burwell helps the patient deal with longstanding and more complex issues.  The goals are planned jointly with the patient and Dr. Burwell so that the time can be best spent pursuing those goals.

Contact Dr. Burwell today to learn more! 

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