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Dr. Burwell has been featured on many podcasts, radio stations and at conventions. 

Book Dr. Burwell for your podcast, YouTube channel or event.

Here, Dr. Burwell spoke on brain based disorders on Love 860 WAEC Atlanta

" If you don't use it, your voice will dry up."

Dr Burwell Speaking in Radio Station.png

Hire Dr. Burwell to Speak

  • Keynote Speaker (45-60 min)

  • Television Interview (30 min)

  • Panel Discussions (60 min)

  • Break Out Sessions (45 min)

  • Radio Interview (30 min)

  • Conferences (30-45 min)

  • Moderator (60- 90 min)

  • Symposiums (30 min)

  • Podcast (45 min)

  • Webinar (45 min)

Dr. Burwell speaks on eating disorders in the minority community.

Dr. Burwell speaks on eating disorders on the Two Therapists and a Microphone podcast.

Two Therapists and Microphone.jpg
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