Specialized Groups

Specialized Groups

Dr.Burwell Speaks (DBS) offers distinctive specialized groups targeted to meet a variety of therapeutic needs.  Dr. Burwell uniquely blends diverse counseling needs to offer one of a kind care. Learn more about psychotherapy groups connecting education, empowerment, faith, diversity, and wellness. I bet you won’t find this assortment of services anywhere else!

*Please note all groups are accessible in person and online.

Dr. Burwell will provide patient workbooks for all skills based groups.


Bold Women Winning (BWW)

BWW is not just a group. It’s a movement! Dr. Burwell created BWW on the belief that women are powerful beyond measure! We give LIFE! We possess the power to ignite lives, families, and communities. BWW is a psychotherapy group focused on empowering women of all ages to access their inherent worth. When you know your worth, you stop giving people discounts. Be Bold…You’re designed for greatness! 


Keep it Kosher! (KIK)

Keep it Kosher is a specialty group for the Jewish community suffering from disordered eating and body image issues. 


FaithWorthy (FW)

Faithworthy is a Christian based ED recovery group. It’s simple! We find our Worth through our Faith. God has called us to live life we are not human beings on a spiritual journey, however we are spiritual beings on a human journey. Join the fun, as we cultivate faith and worth.  


The COLOR of Ed - “Color me Beautiful”

The color of ED is a specialized group composed of women of color impacted by disordered eating. Eating Disorders (ED) don’t discriminate! No one is immune to the effects of culture, society, and intersectionality of difference. As the complexion of ED changes, so must our treatment.  

Crystalizing Care

I Can't Breathe

Corporate Chaos

LGBTQ (Love.Gratify.Belong.Transform.Question.)~ Go Live!

We have you in mind! LGBTQ individuals are more likely to suffer from mental illness due to oppressive symptoms that question their very existence. Come join the fun, as we empower and engage dynamic conversation surrounding all-inclusive treatment. Please note, an additional support group will be offered to friends/family coping with a loved one’s transition. Details on this group TBA.

Group details: TBA


Processing @ Piedmont (P@P)

Processing at Piedmont is a unique eclectic group! P@P combines talk, nutrition, yoga, and animal assisted wellness. This group meets twice a month on Saturday mornings (1st & 3rd Saturdays 10:30-noon) at Piedmont Park. Group members should bring their own snack for a coached nutrition experience. Bring your dog, snack, and yoga mat! No worries…rain won’t stop the fun. Rain alternatives include restaurant outings! 


Food & Other Drugs (F&OD)-

Food and other drugs is a group targeting the comorbidity of eating disorders. Individuals struggling with eating may also find themselves dependent on alcohol or other drugs. This complicates one’s relationship with food, and fragments one’s sense of self. F&OD helps untangle dependencies to cultivate hope, help, and healing! Please note, this is a closed group. Group details TBA. 


Melanin Magic


Ken & Barbie… “It’s hard being Ken!” (K&B)

It’s difficult being a woman in society's beauty obsessed culture. Let’s not forget men struggling with body image, self esteem, and eating! This group is designed with men in mind. Are you a body builder struggling to stop steroid use? Are you a professional athlete whose life revolves around workouts? Are you a wrestler obsessed with making weight? Are you coping with work-life balance through caffeine, cannabis, or cookies? Does the woman in your life have an eating disorder? Join us Friday mornings 9:45-11:00am EST), for a meet up, merging masculinity, meals, and magic! 

Transitions & Transformations (T&T) 

New to the area? Going through a major life change? Wondering how to live Enchantedly!? Transitions & Transformations (T&T) is designed for anyone in transition. Dealing with anxiety, depression, and social isolation? Transitions are tough. People won’t always see your value. Often, we devalue ourselves. This halts our vision and growth game! You’re not alone or worthless…you’re under construction! Take charge of your season in transition. I know its uncomfortable, but that’s what the caterpillar said before becoming a butterfly! 


Breaking Binges (B x B )

Binge on life! Food can only feed us. It can’t give us the life we’ve imagined. Learn to let go of your dysfunctional relationship with food and reignite the spirit within you. Breaking Binges meetPlease note this is a closed group and all participants must purchase a biofeedback wearable. https://www.neuroflowsolution.com


Bariatric Barriers (B&B)

Bariatric Barriers is a hybrid of psychoeducation and psychotherapy for the bariatric patient. This is a closed group offered in two 8 week cycles (pre & post op). Learn how to break through bariatric barriers to sustain your new you! Bariatric barriers is a curriculum based group using, The weight loss surgery workbook. All bariatric patients must purchase a wearable to track biometrics. Patient workbooks provided.



All Bodies Matter

This is an open process group designed for all bodies! If you’re struggling with loving the skin you’re in, this is the group for you.

You matter. Your body matters. Your soul matters. Learn to love the skin you're in.


Your Brain on Food

This group offers nutrition necessities while breaking down the biochemistry of food. It’s cellular. Get the facts and ask questions about your meal plan. Feed your brain. It’s the most important organ! 


Weekend Recovery Retreat!

Join us for the first annual recovery retreat in May! Recovery retreats happen two times per year (May & October). See newsletter for more information. Register today! Purchase your NeuroFlow wearable to track biofeedback for our 1st annual spring retreat! 


Emphatic Empaths  

Are you a highly sensitive person or empath? If you've landed on this page, it's likely you've experienced vibrational forces fluctuating your energy. If you've ever wondered if you're an empath, ask yourself:


*Have you ever felt like your energy field bounces off frequencies similar to cell phone towers?

*Do you feel energy in visceral ways?

*Is it painful to be around inauthenticity?

*Do you have an intense sense of knowing?

*Is your default to give of yourself?

If so, it's highly likely that you're a highly sensitive person (HSP) or Empath!!

By sensitive, I don't mean weak or fragile. Inversely, you're a dynamic force to be reckoned with! HSP's & Empaths are conduits, receivers, and channelers of the invisible realm. 

Whatever emotion is unspoken, whatever thought is hidden, or intention is covered, Empaths feel in their bodies. These sensitivities can be a super power or a curse if not channeled in healthy ways. 

This group will teach you how to channel and protect your energy in a safe supportive space. Join the emphatic empathic community today! We can already feel your energy!

I can help you gain a deeper awareness of your biofield and emissions to the world. You'll learn how to calibrate your energy, avoid energy leeches, and vibrate on a higher frequency. 
Let's face it- you have super powers. You're otherworldly!
You are magic. Let's become a magician!