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atlanta ga psychotherapist
Psychotherapist in Atlanta, GA
To provide accessible, inclusive, and quality mental health treatment to the Metro Atlanta community
Dr Burwell psychotherapy


Dr. Burwell Speaks, LLC, is a dynamic psychotherapy practice that offers accessible, inclusive, and quality mental health treatment in the Metro Atlanta community. Dr. Burwell Speaks was the recipient of the 2022 Best of Atlanta psychotherapy award. 


Inclusive compassionate care is a core value. Dr. Burwell honors the diversity of the metro Atlanta community by welcoming people of all colors and gender identities, proudly including the expansive LBGTQ and transgender communities in the area.


Services include individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Customized groups and speaking engagements distinguish her practice. Virtual, In person, and concierge services are available. Also, Dr. Burwell is a strong believer in animal assisted therapy and helps clients navigate the process of obtaining documentation for their animal.


Dr. Burwell incorporates trauma-informed modalities for a variety of diagnoses such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety and personality sensitivities. Whether patients receive individual, or group therapy, psychotherapy provides deep insight into their challenges and teaches new coping skills with compassionate care. 


Schedule online today for psychotherapy services or to book Dr. Burwell for your next speaking engagement!

individual psychotherapy


Both In-Person and Virtual Sessions are Available

Dr. Burwell has been featured in publications... 

Dr. Burwell is a writer, influencer, and thought leader. She's an executive contributing writer at Brainz Magazine, and has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, NPR, Yahoo News, just to name a few. She was formerly a contributing editor at the Professional Counselor Journal (TPC). Dr. Burwell has a passion for topics such as social justice, beauty & wellness, positive psychology, sociology, and politics. 
Dr Burwell featured in CBS
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" I'm currently in treatment, however I was resistant to starting therapy. Dr. Burwell made me feel comfortable and heard.
If I knew therapy was like this I would have started a long time ago!"

"My journey was rocky. I was tired of battling self harm and suicidal ideation. Dr. Burwell was invested in me and never let me give up on myself. Now I'm able to show up for myself every day."

"We struggled to get our daughter into therapy for her eating disorder. Our family felt helpless and defeated. Dr. Burwell helped our daughter's life, and we're eternally grateful!"

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